Our commitment to you goes beyond your treatment

The journey to wellness can be complex and overwhelming, but there are resources and support available to help you along the way. Sunovion Answers for LATUDA can provide you with medical and financial information, including your copays, and so much more. Sunovion Answers will be there for you with support.

One Number to Call, Day or Night

When you’re wrestling with a question, there’s nothing like speaking with another human being on the phone. Call our support specialists at 1-855-5LATUDA (1-855-552-8832) anytime between 8AM and 12 midnight (EST).

Our medical and reimbursement specialists can help you:

  • Get answers to your LATUDA questions
  • Understand insurance benefits
  • Get prior authorization for LATUDA, if your insurance requires it
  • Find a support group or organization that may be able to assist you further

Remember, only your health care provider can answer questions about your schizophrenia symptoms.

Take Advantage of Copay Savings for LATUDA from Sunovion Answers.

LATUDA Copay Savings Card

If you’re eligible, the LATUDA Copay Savings Card may help lower your copay cost.

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