Insurance Coverage and Costs

LATUDA has the lowest average copay when compared to other branded products in its class*

Most people pay between $0 - $8.50 for a 30-tablet prescription

Whether through your employer, a private insurance provider, or other commercial health plan, you have health insurance.


About 92% of LATUDA prescriptions cost less than $100 per 30-tablet prescription

Copays. Out-of-pocket costs. Deductibles. Each is important to understanding the cost of medications. In fact, the amount you pay is affected by each and determined by your health insurance plans.

Depending on your plan, a deductible may impact the initial cost of your prescription. Once you reach that deductible amount, the price will adjust based on your copay.

Find out if you can pay as little as $15 per month for your LATUDA prescription.

If you have health insurance, whether from an employer, an individual, or non-governmental private plan, you may be eligible.

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About 90% of LATUDA prescriptions cost less than $8.50 per 30-tablet prescription

Medicare can be tricky to navigate. With various phases and eligibility requirements, your out-of-pocket costs may change throughout the year.

Your Medicare provider can help you determine your phase of Medicare Part D Benefits.

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Less than $8.00 per 30-tablet prescription

For patients on Medicaid, the costs are different depending where you live. You can contact your Medicaid provider to get specific information for your state.

The cost of LATUDA for most patients on Medicaid is between $0 and $7.76 for a 30-tablet prescription.

Whether you do not have prescription drug coverage, your plan does not cover LATUDA, or you do not have health insurance, there may be options to help you.

Wading through the challenge associated with healthcare and coverage can feel overwhelming. And you are not alone. Sunovion Answers Support Specialists are available from 8AM to 12 midnight (ET) to offer resources and support that may help along your journey.

If you do not have prescription drug coverage, you may be expected to pay the list price plus any pharmacy charges.

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Your insurance coverage will ultimately determine your cost for a 30-tablet prescription of LATUDA, and, at the most common dose levels, the list price is $1,223.40.†‡


*Data source: DRG/Fingertip Formulary Data accessed March 11, 2019. National level data. Includes all plan types.

Most commonly used strengths are 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, and 80 mg. LATUDA is also available in 120 mg strength with a list price of $1,826.40 per 30-tablet prescription.

IQVIA FIA data. LATUDA Patient Average Dispensed OOP Cost per Script by Channel. January 2018–December 2018. Accessed on January 31, 2019.