If you're struggling
with bipolar depression,

there are treatment options.
Ask your doctor whether LATUDA may be right for you. LATUDA is a medication approved for bipolar depression, which can be taken on its own or with a mood stabilizer—lithium or valproate.
If you're new to LATUDA,
you'll want to know about all the
support that comes with it.
You and your doctor have discussed LATUDA
and decided it's right for you. What's the next step?
Find some of the answers right here.
If you're taking LATUDA
for bipolar depression,

we'll give you the support you need.
Now that you're taking LATUDA, it's important to keep taking it exactly as your doctor prescribed. You’ll want to know what to expect from your treatment. And find out about the support we offer you.
On-call support specialists, savings program, email updates, and more.
Now You’re Talking is a guide to getting what you need from your next doctor’s appointment.

Living with bipolar depression? You're not alone. See one person's story here.

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